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Roof Lanterns



Fixed Pitch Ringbeam

  • The new fixed pitch ringbeam (25C) is even quicker to fit.
  • It’s 55% lower so it looks like the rafters sail over the kerb rather than being mounted on the top, making it less obtrusive, lighter and sleeker.
  • The thermal break is 14% bigger, so the ring beam is more thermally efficient & reduced the risk of condensations.
  • The ring beam flap has been removed.
  • There’s no external PVC section, so the lantern has a completely aluminium look.
  • No foamboard is needed on the internal ringbeam.

Variable Pitch Ringbeam

  • The new variable pitch ringbeam has been reduced in size to achieve all the visible benefits of the new fixed pitch ringbeam.
  • It’s 38% lower than the old ringbeam.
  • 57% bigger thermal break.
  • The lantern is lighter, less obtrusive and more thermally efficient.